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Pilgrim's Progress

For your edification, I would definitely recommend the Pilgrim's Progress! It is certainly one of the most influential books in the history of the English-speaking world and a must read for everyone. My kids and I have enjoyed reading the children's version together, called Dangerous Journey.

If you'd rather watch it instead, the version starring Liam Neeson is available on Amazon Prime. My kids and I are currently watching the animated version, now available for free through!

I would also suggest the study guide called The Pilgrim's Progress: A Guided Tour, now free from Ligonier. Though it is meant to be a companion to a separate study of the same name, it is a helpful resource for further understanding Bunyan's allegory and how it reflects much of what we experience as Christians in this life. It also includes biblical references reflected in each stage of Christian's journey. 

I especially appreciate and have been thinking about how some of the things I'm not able to do right now are like the distractions of the Vanity Fair. Just as Christian and Faithful testify to the joy, peace and rest that come through pursuing the Lord, we have an amazing opportunity to remind everyone that the blessings of faith cannot be taken away by the world! I'm praying that through these circumstances you are also able to share the gospel with a Hopeful in the weeks to come. 

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