Awaken Student Ministries

We are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. While so many students vainly search for satisfaction in friendships, academic or extra-curricular success or the approval of others, we know that lasting joy is only found in Him. We recognize that students can have powerful servants of Christ. Unencumbered, passionate and surrounded by dozens of peers who do not know Christ, students are have the potential for explosive missionary ministry. We don't believe we create missionaries; we believe we are training and equipping students to fill the role God has already given them - here and abroad.

We don't have anything against dodgeball, but we do think there are greater things we can do with our time. We get together frequently so that we can encourage each other to be more like Christ, search His Word, pray that His Kingdom will grow and serve to see it happen. We have fun but we know that a relationship with Jesus is more than just fun. We love each other because He loves us and we love Him. If you're a Christian searching for a place where your soul can be fed, join us. If you don't know anything about Jesus, but you suspect that there has to be more to life than the things you've been chasing, we would love to meet you.

We get together at Country Bible Church every Sunday morning at 9am for bible study and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for another bible study and prayer. Frequently, we'll find time together for fellowship and service on different days and in other places.

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