Linking Arms

Linking Arms has one very specific intention, to encourage caregivers. We can be a connecting point (link) for helping (encourage) in various way to those who are in the role of a caregiver. A caregiver is someone who is watchful, attending to needs, physically giving aid, and at the same time frequently a family member. 

There are three to help define how the church family can be served through Linking Arms Ministry.

Physical Example: If a ramp is needed for a wheel chair into the house....people can help build the ramp. Many times a handy man brings huge caregiver relief.

Emotional Example: When feeling isolated and exhausted, maybe a home visit to talk, play a game, pray, laugh and cry together to share the burden.

Educational Example: Learning about available healthcare resources and increasing our awareness can be a practical source of encouragement. Knowledge of where to reach out to and get help may be what releases the feeling of being backed into a corner.

Contact Diane Carter or the church office to begin "Linking Arms".

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