"Discipline of Grace" by Jerry Bridges Book Review

Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God’s grace. (page 19)
Have you wrestled with what is God’s role & what is your role in the disciplines of holiness? Have you struggled with the difference between a grace-based relationship verses a performance based relationship with God?
In his book The Discipline of Grace, Jerry Bridges clarifies from the Word of God the balance of our dependence on God and our responsibility. Like Paul’s letters in the New Testament, Jerry Bridges first lays the foundation of what is the gospel & why we need to preach its truths to ourselves daily. The last half of the book, we study the different disciplines we are to “make every effort” to pursue. Jerry consistently reminds us to anchor ourselves to the grace of God as we pursue our responsibilities in growing in holiness. Even though I have gone through the book more than once, after each chapter I am still am encouraged in living out the gospel truth that I am justified before God; am challenged to commitment myself to put off sins and hindrances and put on Christ-like character; am motivated to be spending quality time in God’s Word and memorizing it; and am reminded to pray for humility and for the spirit to do his work in me. 
There is a study guide that goes along with the book. I highly recommend using both though you can use each one independently. Find a friend to do the study or discuss what you are reading in each chapter. Better yet, this is a great tool for the beginnings of a Titus 2 mentoring relationship as both the older believer & younger believer would benefit from doing this together. Grab this book with the study guide and grab an older person or younger person to be challenged and encouraged TOGETHER to pursue holiness!
Are you willing to rely on God’s grace & mercy alone instead of our performance, to boast in nothing except the Cross? If so, then we can stop living in our good-day—bad-day scenarios & bask every day in the grace of God. And in the joy & confidence of that grace we can vigorously pursue holiness. (page 28)


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